Photo of Pickers Paradise, Thrifters Deam Sale, Last Weekend!

Pickers Paradise, Thrifters Deam Sale, Last Weekend!

Crystal, MN

Cool Bob's Cool Customers!

Sale July 22 &23,Saturday 1:00-5:00, Sunday 12:00-5:00.

3304 Florida Ave N, Crystal MN 55427

Bank is coming next week, this is the last weekend sale. Come support Bob and get awesome, useful, fun, and unique stuff for cheap!!

Tons of new stuff, the driveway will be packed with goods to the end of the street.

More of everything!!
Featured Items:
1. Purses, handbags, totes, fashionable scarves, men's and women's clothing and belts all sizes, International fabrics, linens, clothes,... vintage aprons and linens.

2. Lamps and end and coffee tables-antique and modern.

3. Pottery- all shapes, sizes and color

4.Tons more of hand tools.

Still have tons of bottles and tubes of acrylic paint. Different sorts of paper. Painting kits. Artist luggage. Easels. Assortment of paper and canvas. Glue guns, scissors, ribbon, misc sprays, little crafty materials. Tons of unfinished pine wood of different shapes and sizes.

Thrift store style sale, thrifters you will be in heaven here!
Cool Bob's Collections of Everything Sale, and A Pickers Delight of name your price! There is so much; Doing the Best We Can Sale.

There is a little bit of everything and a lot of some things.
Hide and Seek in a yard full of treasures.

This is a reoccurring Sale 2-3 times a week until the end of July.

Tons of brass, silver, and wraught iron of all objects from the U.S. and around the world.

International wood masks and beautiful and fun wood animal carvings/figurines.

Pottery of sorts, weavings, baskets, small stained glass of sorts, glass vases.

Fishing items, aquariums of all sizes and goodies to match, camping stuff, toys, games, pet items...

Collectibles and so many tiny figurines.

All sorts of jewelry and scarves, some fabrics and small linens.

Tools, tools, tools price drop on electric tools now $2-$4 each and tons for a buck. So many handy miscellaneous items and gadgets.

Tons of bookcases, shelving, and brackets all sizes and of all materials.

Castor Wheels of all sizes.

Tons of yard stuff- fencing, trellises, tools, pots, drift wood, hooks, and decorative peices including corner 6ft metal plant stands, chimes ....

There thousands of items for $1-$5. Come Check it All Out!!


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Photo of Cool Bob's Garage Sale
Crystal, MN