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GEM BOTTLE for Special Hydration

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Unlike any other water bottle, Gem Bottle provides amazing health benefits by adding healing properties to the water you drink. Gem Bottle is BPA-free and can hold cold and hot liquids which makes it perfect to use for traveling.

When purchasing Gem Bottle, it uses a certain gemstone that contains a distinctive feature. You are free to choose which gemstone to add to your Gem Bottle.

Other people may choose their gems depending on the color but most people who have Gem Bottle have chosen their gems based on the amazing health benefits and properties they can provide. The bottle of Gem Bottle can hold up to 16 oz of water.

Gem Bottle uses a glass container, stainless steel for the cover, a wrist-strap, and the most important feature of Gem Bottle, the gem.

You don’t have to worry about the gem moving around or touching your face when drinking because there is a circular stand inside the bottle that firmly holds your gem in a tight, upward position.

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