Photo of Stay hands free with IWALK 2.0

Stay hands free with IWALK 2.0

Claremont, NH

Are you on crutches? You’re not hands free then, they are very difficult to walk stairs with and increase your risk of falling. They are uncomfortable no matter how thick the towel is under your armpits. Most likely you’ll be on them for many weeks or months.

Hence the creation of the IWALK 2.0 hands free crutch. I spent weeks trying to find one free through insurance for my husband after he blew his Achilles Tendon and had surgery. Couldn’t find one anywhere in our state so we bought one for $150.

This one here came 3 weeks late, by that time he was out of crutches and in a boot with the pitch up and encouraged to walk on it. He put it on once and took a few steps in our living room.

We are selling it for $130 because the box is open and he tried it on. It’s completely brand new, in the box with all the pads and adjustable straps, ZERO sign of wear.

Located in Claremont NH, serious inquires only please.